• High temperature resistant, moisture- proof, anti-corrosion.
  • Each item can be accurate tracked, can also play the role of identification, tracking and information collection
  • It has strong adsorption under the effect of metal, which can absorb more than more than600 times its own weight of objects.
  • Anti-metal interference ability is strong, there is no need to add absorbing materials.
  • It has high sensitivity, reading / writing stability, long communication distance reliableoperation.
Tags can be applied in any medium (including expanding metallic) surface to be installed, for example, which can be used in: plastic, wood, glass, metal, plexiglass, cardboard boxes, tanks and other application environment. It can be widely used in various fields of data information management automation.

After the installation of the label goods or merchandise, which will become the newest tracking digital production logistics of EPC world tag encoding format, which can be widely used in logistics, commodity item level tags, traffic management patrol, anti-theft and so on this tag is composed of high temperature resistant PCB material and UHF chips, the frequency range of 860-920MHz, which can also be based on customer needs to design a variety of shapes and sizes.