HF/UHF Label as an anti-tearing and non-adhesive label, which is used for pasting in different medium to prevent secondary use of high frequency tags,
  • It is composed of fragile paper material and aluminum antenna which has a good prevention performance
  • Label antenna which taking advantage of fragile paper material , is used to make the aluminum antenna and surface marking paper appear statified causing scrap easily, then realized effectively curb illegal use of unauthorized when making the label.
  • The product and realize the ultra-thin technology, the thinnest thickness is 0.25mm.
  • It is composed of copper paper and aluminum antenna which has a good prevention performance.
  • It can be used in a variety of compounded environment base materials copper paper, PVC,PET and ABS.
This tag can be applied to all kinds of non-metal dielectric paste products: Such as glass, furniture, plastic toys, etc. which can be customized for clients of any size, shape and using of anti-tearing electronic label.