The packaging manner of the products could be folded, roll to roll, or in pieces. The printing methods of the product could be thermal printing or thermal transfer printing.For the material part of the products. we have paper, waterproof material and PVC for choice: the products have diverse size to choose: also the products could encrypted, individualized and numbering serviced, and whole packing could be thermal printed. Frequency demand: 869-915MHz-UHF/13.56MHz-iso 14443/13.56MHz-iso 15693.
Accurate appraisal and tracking products have become the basic demand in nowadays society, and will be the best competitiveness for retail market. Compared with the previous, for suppliers, retail traders, retailers, this technology can help to promote efficiency to max, reovide the most valuable products to ends customers.
Can achieve the goal as below: Application scope
  • Improve the tracking ability of the valuable product.
  • Reduce the probability of shrinkage of products and delivery error.
  • Improve the visibility of products list, accuracy and business efficiency.
  • Improve the efficiency of production plan.
  • Make efficient cost controll with the technology
  • Logistics and supply chain, mail and courier labels, Asset tracking, safety system, Access management, library management, pharmacy tracking management, Anti false and illegl transfer management.