The clothing manufacturing industry is typical labor intensive industry, and its unique tedious process, As the trend of the clothing constantly changes, the clothing manufactures have to improve the speeds of production and logistic to coordinate the short production cycle.
The clothing labels have the features of small volume, large capacity, long service life, repeatable use, fast read and wrote, invisible identification, mobile identification, So that they can achieve fast reading information and data inventory.

Every ID code of the label is unique in the worldwide. so that by means of sticking, overbite or implanting the RFID labels can achieve identification and data provide by the customers, we conclude that the application of the RFID technology can help the clothing manufactures to reduce the phenomenon of out of stock from 20% to 30%, improve the accuracy rate from 80% to 98% finally the RFID technology can bring customers sales improvement, storage and management cost decrease, increasing the circulation speed of commodities.