Smart Home System


  • Smart controller is the core device in the system. It is a wireless smart networking device.
  • It bridges the WIFI signals with RF signals so that the software, tablet or smart phone can control the RF touch panels.
  • The controller can be hanged on the wall or put on the desk. User can even take it from one room to another room for enlarging the signal if there is not enough controller.
  • There is a RJ45 interface on the back of controllers. For one family, they can have up to 8 controllers and 32 smart mobile devices with Android or IOS system.
Technical Specification
Remitting power ≥ -15 db m (Max)
Power +12VDC
Wireless network standard 802.11b/g/n
Frequency range 2.412GHz~2.48GHz
Receiving sensitivity ≥ - 8 9 d b m
RF Wireless Frequency 433.92MHz
RF remitting power +14dBm
RF receiving sensitivity -110dBm
RF remote control distance ≥20m
Working temperature -10℃~50℃
External dimensions 170*120*27mm