Rolling Fingerprint Scanner



  • FBI PIV certified when used with the single finger attachment
  • Automatic capture of flats fingerprints
  • Rapid fingerprint capture max 20 frames per second
  • Compact size that easily integrates into existing applications
  • Intuitive system which requires little training to master
  • Ultra lightweight for easily mobile deployment
  • SDK for quick and easy integration into many applications

Technical Specification
Gray level 256
Scanning speed 20frame/second
Working current 200mA
Grayscale dynamic range 180
Working voltage 5V
Distortion <1%
Image size 32.5mmx32.5mm
Image pixel 640×640
Resolution 500DPI
Scanner window size 40mmx40mm
Scanning type single, rolling
Working Temperature -10°C – 55°C
Reserve space 10K
System Requirement USB 2.0 interface, SVGA Display, OS: Windows98/ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista