Ontime Cloud


Ontime cloud application is the Internet-based Time Attendance management service. We have good quality and accuracy to process attendance data. Login into ONtime Cloud (www.ontime-cloud.com) that provides an easy and cost effective way to manage your requirements (e.g. Employee, Leave, Holiday, On Duty, Over Time, Shift roster, Late coming, Early departure, Attendance Calculation Process, Employee self service etc.). You can use the ONtime cloud from multiple browser anywhere, anytime, to maintain details on all of your desired requirements.
Salient Features Employee Self Service Module
  • Easy to use : A user-friendly solution that can be accessed remotely. It can be accessed Anywhere, Anytime.
  • Cost Effective : It can be used at affordable annual subscription fee.
  • Staff Management : It focus on small, medium and large organization with unlimited employees.
  • Fully Secure : Totally Confidential. And stored for account life time.
  • Self-managed or Fully Outsourced
  • No need to install, maintain or upgrade software.
  • No expensive computer to purchase or maintain
Build an organizational culture of trust and transparency by empowering employees with Employee self service portal. It can handles wide range of tasks as:
  • Employee can send leave request
  • Employee can view leave request status, remaining leave balance, pay-slip etc.
  • Management can approve and reject leave requests.
  • Employees can access payslips and other payroll documents, as well as managing their personal details
Features of Cloud based Time Attendance
  • Multi Company Support: Run multiple companies in different countries in a single account.
  • Multi Location/Department/Designation/Grade Option.
  • Download real time punch from Machine and Import punch from Text/CSV file.
  • Group Master Configuration: You can maintain group settings for leave/holiday/shift/Attendance Rule/Deduction Rules.
  • Time Management System: You can maintain employee’s attendance from machine/manual punch. Calculate Over Time/Leave/Holiday/On-Duty/Attendance.
  • Integrated Leave Management: Comprehensive leave management functionality for leave request and approval.
  • Managed Leave Requests: Streamlined process to allow employees to make requests, enforcing business leave rules.
  • Leave Accrual & Availability: Specify employees leave accrual entitlement and restrict leave requests based on available leave. Required leave is compared against the available balance for the employee for the given leave type. Available leave takes into account forecasted leave that will be accrued between the current date and the leave request end date.
  • Approval Workflow: Specify leave/On-Duty approvers to review leave requests, approve or decline either single or in bulk.
  • Fully Configurable: Options include whether employees can enter into negative leave and how much, and to enforce the requirement of medical certificates for personal or sick leave for a minimum number of consecutive days or a maximum individual days for a year
  • It provides standards and customized reports covering wide range of requirement related to Time Attendance.
  • You can improve decision-making across the organization. Senior people and management executives require key information in a targeted, actionable format that is personalized according their areas of responsibility to support informed decisions
  • The ONtime real-time reporting options cover a wide range of operational and business insight needs, together with report writing and generation capabilities to serve both standard and customized reporting requirements. ONtime reporting includes:
  • Standard reports
  • Business analytics
  • Users have the ability to view/Print reports and export data to Word, Excel, PDF, CSV and HTML formats.