Time & Attendance Software

Employee attendance management and students attendance management is directly linked with their commitment to the work in any workplace. It takes a lot of efforts to manage manpower be it in the schools or in the offices. The solution helps the organization best manage their employees work time and use it to draw insights and helps the management to keep the stake holders happy and satisfied.

The solution focuses on the students and the teacher attendance as a strategic part of school management with the accuracy rate more than 99%. It completely eliminates the data entry errors and calculation by replacing manual preparation of attendance sheets and mechanical time cards
Salient Features Device Management
  • Multi Company Option
  • Multi Location / Department / Designation / Grade.
  • Auto/Manual Download Punch from Machine/Pen Drive.
  • Multi Leave Type.
  • Group wise Master Configuration (e.g. Shift/Holiday/Leave/Category Rules/Attendance Rules/Deduction Rules)
  • Attendance Process with Salary Calculation.
  • Multiple Device Option.
  • Auto Download Punch from Machine.
  • Device Administration.
  • Backup and Restore Fingers/Card Details
  • Upload Name into Machine
  • Set Device TimeDetails
  • Delete Punch and Finger/Card Details
All Report Utility
  • All Reports are based on flexible Filtration (e.g. Company / Branch / Department /Grade / Designation / Shift Group / Shift / Employee
  • Each Report have some Selection Criteria as per Report Category
  • Import Employee Details from Excel/C SV File
  • Import Punches from text file
  • User Permission
Salary Report
  • Salary Slip
  • Paid Salary Details
  • Projected Salary Details.
Attendance Report
  • Daily / Monthly Attendance Report
  • Absentees / Present / Late Arrival / Late Departure / Early Arrival / Early Departure
  • Employee wise Daily / Monthly Attendance
  • Attendance with Shift time/In Time/Out Time
  • Over Time Report
  • Muster Roll / Form No -25
  • Monthly Report with In/Out Time
  • Shift Scheduling Report
  • Monthly Performance Report
Punch Report / Miscellaneous Report
  • Supported (Optional) Multiple Punch Reports (e.g. Missed/Complete/All Punch)
  • Punch Details from Device / Manua
  • Date / Month / Period wise Punch
  • Leave/On-Duty Report
  • All Master Report
Employee's Management Add on Module
  • Employee General Information
  • Family Background Details
  • Qualification/Experience Details
  • Employee self-service(Web-based application)
  • View Personal, Leave and Attendance Details
  • Apply For Leave
  • View Payslip
Time Management System Leave/Holiday Group Management
  • Manual Attendance
  • Download Attendance from Machine
  • Weekly Off Adjustment
  • Over Time Calculation
  • Shift Group/Shift/Shift Roster Management
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Leave/On-Duty Management
  • Holiday Management
  • Attendance Process with Salary Calculation
  • User Defined Leave Types
  • User Defined Holidays Configuration
  • Leave Application
  • Leave Balance Details
  • Yearly Leave Carry-forward
Database Supported
  • SQL Express 2005
  • SQL Server 2005 or Above
  • Oracle 11g