Ontime Employee Manager

It is generally true that managers face many challenges in managing the workforce just because they do not get the information quickly. In other words: they are deprived of a comprehensive view of the situation. It takes a manager a long time to piece together the information and get a full picture of the activities going in the institution. This eventually makes a manager late in making decisions and also makes him/her to utilize human resource optimally. This module consists of data about every activity from leave application to holidays and request for a book from an institutional library. The employees and faculties can apply for anything online and can know everything about availability of all kinds of academic content.
Salient Features Device Management
  • Multi Company Option
  • Multi Location / Department / Designation / Grade Option
  • Auto / Manual Download Punch from Machine / Pen Drive
  • Multi Leave Type
  • Group wise Master Configuration (e.g. Shift / Holiday / Leave / Category Rules / Attendance Rules / Deduction Rules)
  • Attendance Process with Salary Calculation
  • SMS / Email Alerts / auto report scheduler
  • GPS tracking
  • Employee tracking on Map
  • Custom report tools
  • Database backup and restore
  • Multiple Device Option
  • Auto Download Punch from Machine
  • Download employee from device
  • Device Administration
  • Backup and Restore Fingers/Card Details
  • Upload Name into Machine
  • Set Device Time
  • Delete Punch and Finger/Card Details
Employee Manager Leave/Holiday Group Management
  • Realtime / Previous employee tracking on Map
  • Leave / On-Duty via smart phone.
  • Tracking date wise Meeting Schedule / Meeting status/Conveyance via smart phone.
  • Primary / Secondary sales order tracking
  • User Defined Leave Types
  • User Defined Holidays Configuration
  • Leave Application
  • Leave Balance Details
  • Yearly leave carry-forward
Time Management System
  • Auto shift and No Punch option
  • Manual Attendance
  • Download Attendance from Machine
  • Weekly Off Adjustment / Over Time Calculation
  • Shift Group/Shift/Shift Roster Management
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Leave / On-Duty / Holiday Management
  • Shift breaks minute deduction from working hours (Optional).
  • Attendance Process with Salary Calculation
Employee's/Team Management Add on Module
  • Employee General Information
  • Family Background Details
  • Qualification / Experience Details
  • Approver master
  • Team management
  • Employee self-service(Web-based application)
  • Backup and Restore Fingers/Card Details
  • Upload Name into Machine
  • Set Device Time
  • Delete Punch and Finger/Card Details
All Report Utility
  • All Reports are based on flexible Filtration (e.g. Company / Branch / Department / Designation / Grade / Shift Group / Shift / Employee
  • In Each Report have some Selection Criteria as per Report Category
  • Import Employee Details from Excel/CSV
  • Import Employee Details from device
  • Import Punches from text file
  • User wise Access Permission
  • Report Scheduler
  • Bulk Update
Salary Report Template Setup
  • Salary Slip
  • Paid Salary Details
  • Projected Salary Details
  • Template layout configuration for memo
  • Template layout configuration for email
  • Template layout configuration for sms
  • Template layout configuration For Custom Report
Attendance Report
  • Daily / Monthly Attendance Report
  • Absentees/Present/Late Arrival/Late Departure/Early Arrival/Early Departure
  • Employee wise Daily / Monthly Attendance
  • Attendance with Shift time/In Time/Out Time
  • Leave / On-Duty / Over Time Report
  • Muster Roll / Form No -25 / Form No -12
  • Monthly Report with In/Out Time
  • Shift Scheduling Report
  • Monthly Performance Report
  • Time loss and Over stay Report
  • Continuous Absenteeism, Late Arrival,Early Departure report
  • Left / Joining employee report
Punch Report Miscellaneous Report
  • Multiple Punch Reports (e.g. ?Missed/Complete/All Punch)
  • Punch Detail Device / Manual
  • Date / Period / Month wise Punch
  • All Master Report
  • Memo / Graph / Percentage Report
  • Employee with image report
Database Supported
  • SQL Express 2005
  • SQL Server 2005 or Above
  • Oracle 11g